The Hollow Gods (The Chaos Cycle, #1) by A. J. Vrana

The Hollow Gods (The Chaos Cycle Duology, #1) by A. J. Vrana

“I had the privilege and pleasure of working with Malorie in both beta-reading and editorial capacities. Malorie is above all a brilliant mind and an empathic soul; she has a knack for understanding an author’s intentions and a keen eye for detail. Whether you are looking for someone to highlight overarching problems or fine-tune the nitty-gritty details like subtle shifts in tone or clunky sentences, Malorie is a skilled, compassionate, and communicative editor who exceeds expectations. She is open and approachable and addresses problems with a kind, professional tone and a humbleness not often seen in the business. Importantly, Malorie also tells you what you are doing well, and offers suggestions on how to capitalize on your strengths. I fully trust Malorie with my work and take all her suggestions to heart, and it is with her help that I am now being traditionally published!” – A. J. Vrana, author of The Hollow Gods (The Chaos Cycle Series Book One), The Parliament House Press (2020)

The Echoed Realm (The Chaos Cycle Duology, #2) by A. J. Vrana

Advanced Praise of The Echoed Realm:

“I’ve been obsessed with A.J. Vrana’s dark, lyrical fantasy ever since The Hollow Gods, and this sequel didn’t disappoint. The Echoed Realm cleverly expands Vrana’s wholly original Dreamwalker mythology beyond the town of Black Hollow, with blood-chilling consequences. Gods are more powerful, possibilities are endless, and threats are more sinister than ever. Miya and Kai are haunted by the past, literally; while the lines between dreams and reality, lore and fact, and obsession and possession are paper thin. I can’t wait for you to experience this dangerous, glittering world for yourself!” – Katya de Becerra, author of Oasis and What the Woods Keep

“The style of the writing continues to make each narrator read like the unique personalities and voices that they are, while also managing to subtly show how they have grown from the events of the first book. Miya, Mason, and Kai are all the same people who faced that dark night in Black Hollow, but they have grown and changed between the books, and the writing shows this with deft skill…Though perhaps a slightly smaller “cast,” The Echoed Realm is able to spend more time turning Vrana’s talent for narrative depth and rich settings into the immersive and gorgeously crafted personal stories of each character.

Together, the Chaos Cycle Duology manages to take the basis of a classic fairy tale and a story of love, trauma, and a search for purpose, and deliver a narrative that truly makes something new out of old tales.” – Brenton Buchanan, Goodreads Reviewer

Skin Curse (The Gate Cycle, #2) by Kristin Jacques

Skin Curse (The Gate Cycle, #2) by Kristin Jacques

Praise for Skin Curse:

“If you haven’t jumped into Azzy’s sinister world of hybrid beings, two-forms, magic and sadistic lords you’re really missing out on an excellent dark fantasy.“ – Permanently Booked

 “Skin Curse is the exact reason why I love sequels. Anticipation builds for weeks before publication and when the special day comes, you’re on the edge of your seat for hours, scanning each page and devouring every sentence. Jacques provided this excitement and celebration for many readers, including myself. Even with my TBR stacking higher than my shoulders, I couldn’t resist prioritizing Skin Curse, and boy was it worth it.

While reading, I was overwhelmed by Jacque’s use of imagery in creating a dark, unsettling atmosphere – something I noticed and appreciate is that even though Skin Curse is set in the same realm and timeline of Marrow Charm, the books are very unique logistically and allow readers to form different attachments to each installment. Complimenting this, Jacques went above and beyond with the character and plot development – if you had any doubts about the first book, they will be washed away by the climactic battles, sensational supernatural elements, and inspirational protagonists. “ – Emma Katherine, Life’s a Novelty

Poison and Poultice by Kristin Jacques

Poison & Poultice (A Gate Cycle Novella) by Kristin Jacques

Every magic has a taste–from the cold, cloying sweetness of the Winnowrooks to the hinted rot and bitter earth of the Mire witches. To know the flavor of one’s magic is to know the poison that will control it. 

Oswin Brixby is a traveling Meister, accompanied by his dearest childhood friend and helpmate, Lia. Trained in the subtle magics mastered by the people of the Hooded Wood, his extensive knowledge of the natural and unnatural world gives him a free pass to the journeyman road–the one and only protected path between the varying territories, Above and Below. 

Brixby believes he is content in his wandering trade, though in his heart of hearts, he wonders what his true purpose should be. Despite this nagging doubt, there has never been a reason to change or deviate from the known. That is until Lia stumbles onto two foundlings in the pitch-black depths Below. A boy and a girl whose magic tastes of something far too dangerous to be left alive.

The Half-Class (The Class Chronicles, #1) by Kayvion Lewis

By day, Evie is an outcast, a half-class.

Too dark for the illustrious light class, and too fair for the lowly dark class, she is forced to walk the edge of the street with her head down and her paperwork ready.

By night, she rebels. Burning down municipal buildings and raiding shops with her fellow half-classes by her side. It’s a dangerous life, but it’s simple. It used to be. But when Prince Cass walks into her aunt’s brothel, life gets complicated. When she and the prince inadvertently hit it off, her fellow rebels see a golden opportunity. Having a girl near the prince is the perfect way to find out exactly what the king is planning for the half-class. And unfortunately for Evie, that girl is her.

Day by day, Evie grows closer to Prince Cass, who’s far more charming than he should be, while the rebels use her information to strike back against his father. But the half-classes are getting ravenous in their retaliation. Soon they’ll want blood—the blood of someone Evie might be starting to love.

Of Beast and Burden (Hollow & Hill, #1) by Kelsey Kicklighter

A fae girl with a human heart, a Seelie Queen with a penchant for stealing mortals, and an Unseelie King who will have to give up his throne.

On the coast of Georgia rests a small southern town where faeries still take changelings. Faye lost her mother to the Folk, but has she spent her whole life longing for a glimpse—however brief—behind the veil.

When Faye finds her way in, she also finds the truth of why the dark and alluring world of the Folk has always called to her: She’s half-faerie, and heiress to the Dark Court’s throne.

When the rival court steals her best friend, she’ll have to claim her crown to get her back. But that means learning how to use her glamour so she can face three deadly trials—and not falling for the dark and brooding king she’s meant to be replacing, or the nymph-turned-knight teaching her to fight.

Fearless Stars by Celia McMahon

After the death of her mother, seventeen-year-old Ally vows to join the temple to serve the Holies-god-like beings who protect Sundria. But during one last excursion on the summer of her seventeenth year, the capital, Dowling City, is brutally attacked and the king and one of her best friends, the princess is declared dead. She and her two friends, Brenna and Lizbeth, and her little sister escape the devastation only to find themselves on the run and unsure whether their families are alive. Or who to trust. Left with only one goal-to keep her friends and sister alive-Ally’s seemingly ordinary life takes another abrupt turn when she discovers that she is suddenly Holy-touched and in a magic-seized land at war, it is another thing she must keep secret.