One of my favorite pastimes, since I was quite small, is to find and notate errors in the text of books. It only began with my books, then moved to my grandparents’ newspapers, and then (to my never-ending horror) even library books. I was a precocious child. 

Little grammatical errors are everywhere. Maybe a sentence is missing a conjunction, or there is a disastrous misuse of a semicolon (egads!). Errors such as these are what a proofreader must use their detail-oriented superpower to spot—the little things that editors miss when focusing on more significant issues such as style, sentence structure, flow, and dialogue.

I cannot emphasize this enough; proofreading does not take the place of editing a manuscript. A manuscript should have already been under the caring gaze of an editor before attempting a proofread. It is the literal dotting of the Is and crossing of the Ts before your manuscript is shipped off for submission or publication.


Proofreading services cover misspelled words, incorrect words, punctuation errors, grammatical errors, and formatting issues. This service starts at $0.006 per word for one pass. $15 minimum per project.

Proofreading Delivery

Should you choose to harness the power of the proofreader, you will receive the following:

  • Microsoft Word document with Track Changes markup