Manuscript Critique

A Manuscript Critique provides a detailed overview of the significant issues in a novel. A beta-read can be helpful in the beginning stages of editing to help highlight inconsistencies, plot holes, continuity errors, and the like. However, a Manuscript Critique takes this a step further and covers both developmental and style issues. 

You can view critique services as a perfect entry into developmental and line editing services. The key differences between these being that, unlike the developmental edit, the critique does not include an in-line breakdown of edits nor does it include a sentence-by-sentence edit as with a line edit.


My rates for manuscript critiques is $5/1000 words. I try to keep my pricing lower than the industry standard to make more in-depth services available to a wide range of authors.

If a manuscript is very raw and requires more contemplation and reorganization, a developmental edit will likely be needed in the place of a manuscript critique.

Manuscript Critique Delivery

Should you decide that we are a good fit and hire me for a manuscript critique, you will receive the following:

  • An editorial letter in PDF format. This letter will include analysis and advice on voice, style, characterization, plot/plot holes, inconsistencies, clunky narrative and concepts, pacing, tension, and dialogue. 

If you have specific questions that you would like answered, you are welcome to submit those along with the manuscript. I will do my best to address those after the initial reading and in the letter-writing process.