“Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a Witch.”

Cathrynne M. Valente, In the Night Garden

Malorie (Manuscript Medium & Yarn Untangler) is the creator of Marginally Magical. An editor and writer, she has been privileged to work on novels and nonfiction books that have gone on to live fulfilling, traditionally published lives. Her specialties include science fiction and fantasy, literary and contemporary fiction, YA fiction (including sci-fi/fantasy, & contemporary), short stories, and essay collections. She has a particular interest in stories that explore QUILTBAG+ identities and gender.

She has made a home in the heart of the largest city in Idaho–a veritable metropolis by Idaho standards–with one hilarious and remarkably supportive spouse, one little emperor of a giant orange tabby, one 104 year old cello, a less-than-one-year old piano, a room full of books which is most definitely conspiring with the room full of yarn, one pair of purple roller-skates that has made off with one very pink skateboard, and a tea stash which could potentially drown a person. 

Before launching Marginally Magical, Malorie got her start studying English Literature and Cello Performance at a small liberal arts college, Albertson College of Idaho. Immediately following her stint in higher education, she cut her teeth on professional publishing working directly with publishers through running an independent bookstore, A Novel Adventure, where she guided many people on many life-changing paths through the singular vessel that is the novel. The financial crisis of 2008 ultimately led to “the little shop around the corner” shuttering. Forever a mourned event, it did serve to set Malorie on her current course—helping authors to bring books into the world.

She went on to spend 5 years in marketing and content development as the head copywriter and editor of a marketing agency. Malorie was in charge of content development for hundreds of clients, editing nonfiction books to be published, including content editing for Amazon best-sellers like Game Changers: How They are Changing the World and You Can Too. She came back to her roots when asked to proofread a draft of a novel for a friend which reignited her love for working with fiction. Her latest projects began with the immense privilege of editing The Hollow Gods (The Chaos Cycle, #1) by best-selling author A. J. Vrana, expanded to include The Echoed Realm (The Chaos Cycle, #2) also by A. J. Vrana, and now includes many beloved titles in the SciFi and Fantasy genres, such as Skin Curse (The Gate Cycle, #2) by Kristin Jacques and Fearless Stars by bestselling author Celia McMahon.

Malorie is currently pursuing completion of the Editing Certificate program with the University of Washington. 

Note on the blog:

Malorie is a secular humanist, naturalist witch with a focus on symbolic representation, a reverential attitude toward the environment, animism, variations on ceremonial & folk magic, and an exploration of correspondences to create ritual in a typically non-ritualistic belief system. These things feature prominently in the content of the blog alongside what is hopefully an obvious favorite topic—books.

This blog is a safe space for BIPOC, the QUILTBAG+ community, disabled people, neurodivergent and neuro-atypical people, immigrants, and refugees. Disparaging comments are not welcome here.

If you need to contact me for any reason, feel free to use this form or send an email to  info@marginallymagical.com