ANNOUNCEMENT: Newest Addition to the Parliament House Press Team!


It seems only yesterday that I had the pleasure of announcing that I had joined The Parliament House as a marketing intern. In addition to my duties as a Content Editor for the publishing house, I have been working diligently to effectively market those books as they are released into the wild. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the staff. It has been a surprising joy to utilize the marketing skills that I have cultivated throughout my entire career—surprising because I am honestly amazed at how being aligned with a project can change the emotional context and awaken passion.

This work has lead to another wonderful opportunity for me, one that I have accepted with excitement and joy; as of September 1st, I will be stepping into the role of Blog Director (or “Blog Maven” if you will) and taking over operations and editorial management. Brianna Sugalski, the Blog Maven until this point, has been an outstanding member of the team and has made me feel welcome and supported. I hope to work with her again in the near future.

There are so many incredible things coming up in the blog over the next few months. As we head into the fall (obviously the best season) and Halloween (obviously the best holiday), we have planned some juicy and thematically appropriate events. So, please do check out the Parliament House Press Blog and follow along! As always, thank you for your support. I honestly wouldn’t have nearly the fun I have if it were not for my clients and supporters. Here’s to another exciting chapter! Cheers!

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  1. ONeill, Christie says:

    Yay!! I’m so happy for you! You are going to be fantastic in your new position! I always enjoy reading everything you write!

    Christie O’Neill Martin
    Administrative Coordinator
    Boston Children’s Hospital
    Department of Radiology

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  2. A. J. Vrana says:

    SO PROUD OF YOU!!! I can’t wait to see where this takes you ❤

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